Introduction. General Structure of a Request

It is possible to realize one-way or two-way requests from Client to EasyMerch depending on the client's possibilities.

Data exchange is performed through HTTPS with XML or JSON files in both cases.

General structure of columns:

Column Description
id EM identifier. If this is a new entry sent from the client's system to EM, the field is empty.
col1 The client's system identifier. If this is a new entry sent from EM to the client's system, the field is empty.

Similarly, with network_id, network_col1 are the identifiers of EM and the client's system.

Data transfer through https:

All requests are sent to the server

Requests are sent using the POST method.

POST request parameters:

  • login=api
  • password=apipassword
  • do-login=1
  • no-session=1
  • xml=text xml