Availability Report Types

Available/Not Available

This is an availability report with the Available/Not available options.

Such a setting may be necessary if you have a large number of products, but your employees do not have enough time to confirm the availability. This report can be completed instantly: just indicate if a product is available or not.

Availability Report (the Quantity, Reason for Unavailability, Prices, Faces)

This is a detailed availability report with the information on the quantity of products, their price, reasons for unavailability (if unavailable), as well as faces and images.

Available/Not Available (with the Reason)

This is an availability report with the Available/Not available options and the reason for unavailability (if a product is unavailable).

The Reason for Unavailability

If you make a report which requires to specify the reason for unavailability, select a product and check the box corresponding to the current situation.

Availability Report (with the Sales Parameters)

This is an availability report which contains sales statistics, as well as the information about leftovers and products to be ordered.

Availability Report (with the Quantity and Photos)

This is an availability report which requires to specify the quantity and add photos. To make the report, select a product, specify the quantity and take a photo.

Availability Report (with the Planogram)

This is an availability report which allows to view planograms. This report also includes the ability to register the number of pieces of equipment without manually entering data. Instead of it, the app counts the number of photos you take.

Adding SKUs outside the Matrix

This is an availability report that may contain the function of adding SKU which is not in the current matrix or was in the previous report. To add a SKU, tap the button. These settings are suitable for distributors in retail networks who have a large number of SKUs, but there is usually a small number of different products in particular shops.