Pricing Policy

The software is developed by PRONETKOM, Ltd. and provided under the terms of a non-exclusive licence only directly to companies and organizations (legal entities):

  • A standard monthly payment is 9$ for each mobile licence;
  • If your company needs more than 50 mobile licences per month, a discount is provided (the discount persentage depends on the number of mobile licences purchased by company. For more information please contact us).
  • Additional monthly payment (fixed):
    • For company projects of less than 50 mobile licenses — 250$ per month;
    • For company projects of more than 50 mobile licenses — free.
  • The monthly payment for a company includes:
    • A service manager's support. The manager will support you at all stages of the project operation (initial server setup, data uploading, report setup, staff training);
    • A programmer's services (the development of analytics according to your specific needs and individual report settings);
    • Weekly software updates (improvement of the app and the web interface, new features).
  • A fixed monthly payment is charged regardless of whether mobile licenses were used during the month or not.

 *Not subject to VAT.

Please note that the software is unavailable for purchase by individual users or groups of physical entities. It is provided only to legal entities. No additional purchases are available in the app.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email or by phone 8-800-600-71-33, +7-495-961-46-69.

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Our address:

Bldg 23A, Aleksandra Solzhenitsyna st,

Moscow, Russia