05 2020
Merchandising Made Easier with Image Recognition

Did anybody take a photo of a shelf instead of a door?

Did anybody take a photo of the floor instead of a shelf?

Did anybody just take a photo of their iPad instead of taking the proper photo of a shelf?

You will be the first to know that!

02 2020
Built-in Chats for Better Experience

Communication is one of the most important elements of everyday life in any collective. Mobile device users have a variety of different chats, messengers and social networks to choose from and use to communicate and to talk business. But is it really convenient?

10 2019
A Smarter Way of Learning and SCORM, LMS, CLM Support

Most employers would like to provide the ability of additional education to their employees. But different employees and chief officers have different needs in terms of education.

06 2019
Chatbot for Technical Support Automation

A Chatbot is a special programme which imitates written communication with a real person. Typically chatbots help make communication on the Internet easier and instantly provide a user with the information that had been registered in the system beforehand.

02 2019
Why On-Job Coaching and Why with EasyMerch

We have recently discussed how EasyMerch helps to organize self-learning processes for employees. But you may think: “What about on-the-job coaching?”. The processes of self-education and the means of control are quite clear (a merchandiser learns the materials, completes a test, the manager checks the results). When it comes to coaching, managers tend to face some other problems.

05 2018
Multi-User Login for Those Who Needs More

First juice, then champagne and, finally, plaster...

05 2017
Coca Cola Achieved Streamlined Merchandising with EasyMerch

What are the results of implementing the EasyMerch system in Coca-Cola (Northwest region of Russia)?

04 2017
4 Examples of How Merchandising Agencies May Deceive Their Clients

Unfourtunately, there are many dishonest merchandising outsource agencies on the market. We learned from our own experience about 4 ways of how the agencies may deceive their clients.

03 2017
7 Examples of How Merchandisers May Deceive Their Employers

There are so many people who may not always do their work properly. Merchandisers need controlas much as other employees. As we work with different clients we managed to find out 7 different ways which merchandisers may use to deceive their employers.

05 2014
Merchandiser's Efficiency and Effectiveness Analyzed

How do your merchandisers make reports?

How do you make consolidated reports for stores based on these reports?

How long does it take to prepare a report?

The main question is how many of paid hours your employees actually work?

04 2014
Merchandiser's Visit Plan Implementation

Are you always sure that merchandisers implement their visit plans?

Do merchandisers properly make reports in every single store or do they sometimes shirk?