Visit Plan Implementation

The section allows you to get statistics on visit plan implementation by employees. It can be customized by date, by attendance percentage and by team of employees.

Report History

This section allows you to check the number of reports sent per day for every type of report.

Time Spent in Stores

This section allows to get information about the time spent by employees in stores.

Information on the Web Interface Access

This report displays detailed information on each employee accessed to the web interface, including days, time and number of requests.

Battery Level Report

This section displays the information about the battery charging status for every employee's device.

Report on Visits

In this section you can get detailed information about visits made by employees, including date, time, types of reports completed, comments, location accuracy, etc.


In this section you can get the information about the amount of work for each employee, which is the base for their salary calculation.

Special Task Report

This section allows you to get the information about special tasks: author, executor, date, time, place, status and comments.

List of Apps Installed

In order to prevent fraud cases from employees' side, we monitor the apps installed on their devices and identify potentially dangerous ones. The information on them is available in this section.

Shop Visit Statistics

To get the list of shops that have not been visited within the selected period, open the Stores Not Visited throughout Specified Period.

Shop Visit Statistics

To get the list of shops included in the visit plan, but not visited for the period you selected, open the Stores Not Visited throughout the Specified Period by Plan.

Shop Visit Statistics

To get the list of shops visited by different employees on the same day, open the Stores Visited by Different Employees on the Same Day.