Supported Report Types

Our system supports a wide range of customizable reports. You can add or delete fields and data types from reports, as well as to enable or disable photo attachment and so on.

A set of reports can be edited in through a visit editor.

Reports submitted by the field staff are saved on the server and can be viewed in any browser, exported in Excel or used in analytics.

Below you can find a list of typical reports (the full list includes more types of reports, and reports within this list may be also customized to meet your requirements).

Planogram Сompliance Report and Equipment Availability Report

With the help of planogram compliance report an employee can easily understand how goods should be displayed on the shelf and provide photo as an evidence.

Questionnaire Report

In this type of report the field employee specifies any data according to the form made by the administrator.

Typical examples of questionnaires are the following:

  • Task report;
  • Retail cencus (rating) of a store;
  • Store staff information report (full name and contacts);
  • Sociological survey.

Supported types of fields:

  • Number;
  • Date;
  • Text;
  • Choose an option;
  • Contacts;
  • Choose True/False.

Product Availability Report

These reports offer a wide range of configuration options, including the following:

  • The output of network format goods based on the matrix, goods in a particular store or all the goods;
  • The opportunity to fill in any field for each product, from the True/False selection field to adding the separate fields "On-shelf availability", "Eye-level shelf availability", "Recommendation for backorder", etc;
  • The ability to work simultaneously with several product matrices (for example, a display area matrix and a checkout area matrix);
  • The ability to attach photos and descriptions to products to make monitoring easier for novice field agents.

Planned Promotion Report and Secondary Placement Report

An unlimited number of promotions can be created for each network or format. You can also specify the promotion type, time and the products involved. The promotion may contain a planogram, standard photo, special placement or pallet.

Upon entering a store a field employee sees a list of the current promotions and confirms the fact of their implementation.

Problem Report

Any store may have problems.

Problem report allows to describe your problem and choose its type from the list.

Problem report can be automatically sent to email like any other reports with many options: by region, by shop responsible person or by problem type.

Local Promotion Report

Many sales representatives independently agree upon a local promotion during the visit. This report allows to confirm local promotion's activation.

An employee only needs to choose the type of promotion, then add necessary products and photos.

Product Order

EasyMerch allows sales representatives and merchandisers to make product orders if necessary. After the supervisor's check the order is automatically sent to SAP or another client's system through API.