View the Previous Reports


Open the main menu of the app and select View Reports.

Filter Settings

In the opened block you will be offered to set the period and select the type of report from the drop-down list. Then you can tap Networks to select the necessary network(s) and Shops to select the necessary shop(s).

After that tap the Show button.

Report List

When you see the filtered list of reports, select the report you need.

In reports, the distance from the place where the report was made to the shop and the time the report was sent are highlighted in certain colors (red is used if the report does not meet the requirements, and green if it does).

Viewing Report

The following information about the selected report will be displayed:

  • Report type;
  • Network name, shop address;
  • SV, ASM, UM assigned to the shop;
  • Other information specific to the selected report.

Tap the shop address to view all reports for this shop.

Also, if recognition is connected on the server, you can view a scene with recognition by clicking on the line at the bottom "Scene...".

Here you can look at the scene in detail and see the recognized goods.

SKU marked with a green check mark - recognized in the photo. SKU marked with a red cross are not recognized in the scene.