Change your password (if you know your current password)

Start EasyMerch. Wait for the status in the top hat "Data refreshed, you can work". Click on App Menu

Click "Settings"

Click "Change Password"

Enter your current password in the "Old Password" field

The password should have been given to you by the company you work for, or it was given to you by the application when you first logged in to your account. If you do not know your current password, you cannot reset your password

If this is the case, contact the person who gave you the initial login details to have your password changed

It is possible that your manager has the right to reset your password through the application, try to contact them (the availability of this option depends on the project settings).

In the "New Password" field, enter the desired new password

Password must meet the requirements:

  • At least 8 characters long
  • Contains lowercase character
  • Contains uppercase character
  • Contains at least one digit
  • Consains only A-Z letters, digits and allowed special symbols

If the condition is met, it will have a tick mark and the condition itself will turn grey. You need all the conditions to be met, otherwise you will not be able to change your password

Click "Generate password" unless you have a password preference, in which case the password will immediately match the required conditions

When all conditions are met, repeat the password in the "New password (once again)" field, then click Save

If the error "Passwords don't match" occurs, check that the password is correct in the "New password (once again)" field, then click Save again

If the red error "Error updating password: Incorrect password" appears at the top, check that the password in the "Old password" field is correct, it does not match the current password, then click Save again

If the password change was successful, the app home screen will open. The message "Password updated" will appear at the top of the screen