Resetting a password to a subordinate

Start EasyMerch. Wait for the status in the top hat "Data refreshed, you can work". Click on App Menu

Click "Manager Area"

Click "My Employees"

Click on the employee you want to reset the password. Password reset is needed in case your subordinate has forgotten his password, because no one can see the current password of the user

You cannot reset the password for yourself. It is possible that your manager has the right to reset your password via the application, try to contact them (availability of this option depends on the project settings)

Click "Reset an employee's password". Availability of this option depends on the project settings

If you don't have this feature but need it, please contact the project team on your company's side. We will connect this functionality to you upon their request

When the Confirm button is pressed, the current user password will be reset. At the next login attempt, the user only needs to enter the login and server name. The password will be generated and given to the user automatically

Click Confirm if you want to reset the subordinate's password. Click Cancel or the back arrow to exit the password reset

If you clicked Confirm, the screen will display "User password cleared". Press Cancel or the back arrow to exit password reset