Positions (Merch, SV, ASM, UM, Admin)

EasyMerch supports different access permissions (for example, there is a permission to make reports or view analytics). Shops are filtered by the following positions:

  • Merchandiser and sales representative — they can see only the shops from their routes.
  • Supervisor, ASM, UM, KAM, etc. — they can see only the shops they are assigned to and employees which have these shops in the route.
  • Supervisor, ASM, UM, KAM etc. (juniors) — they can see only the shops and employees which their heads are assigned to.
  • Admin — they can see all the shops and employees.

Filtration by positions also works with analytic reports. For example, if we are talking about a visit plan implementation report, the SV sees only their employees, and the Admin sees all the employees.

Assignment of Managers (SV, ASM, UM) to shops

Our system supports two ways of assignment of the employees: individual assignment to shops or group assignment by chosen criteria (for example, "All shops of the specified network in Moscow").

More details about employees' assignment you can find in the relevant sections in "Web interface".