Integration with 1C, SAP, AXAPTA and Other Systems

General Information on Integration

EasyMerch provides the ability to integrate it with various systems including 1C, SAP, AXAPTA, etc. Data is exchanged using the HTTPS protocol and can be transmitted in JSON and XML formats. If the system which the client would like to integrate with EasyMerch is significantly changed in comparison with its boxed version, the integration will require additional personalized settings. For futher information on integration you can contact our specialists through any available channel.

Data to be Integrated

The following is the list of data categories that may be integrated to EasyMerch (SAP example):

  • List of available promotions;
  • Consolidated receivables;
  • Receivables by consignments;
  • Product supplies;
  • List of stores;
  • List of products;
  • Orders created and the results of recalculation of discounts and promotions;
  • List of new orders and requests for recalculation of discounts and promotions.

You can see a recommended frequency of data exchange for every category in the screenshot below.