Getting Started

Initial Login

During initial login you will be offered to log in as a client with login and password given by the supervisor.

Initial Settings

During the initial startup you need to enter your login, password and the server name given you by your supervisor.

Please note that you should NOT enter the "" part in the Server field. For example, please enter only "coca-cola" or "workservice".

During startup, the system automatically checks the current app version and requests updating data from the server (routes, shops, goods, etc.). When the update is complete, the following status will be displayed at the top of the page: "data refreshed, you can work." After that you can start work.

Typical tasks for the merchandiser are described in the sections Shop visit and Special task performing.

If you see any other status, you can find its description in the Typical problems and errors section.

Account Change

Usually it is not necessary, but if you want to change an account after you logged in, please do the following. Open the main menu by pressing the menu icon and select Settings (the list of sections available may vary depending on your access permissions).