06 2019

Chatbot for Technical Support Automation

A Chatbot is a special programme which imitates written communication with a real person. Typically chatbots help make communication on the Internet easier and instantly provide a user with the information that had been registered in the system beforehand.

EasyMerch has its own chatbot called Virtual Assistant as well. It is available both in the app and web version of our system for both managers and their subordinates.

The main features of the Virtual Assistant:

1. Technical Support Automation. Our chatbot has been created to partially replace the real technical support service. Instead of calling a hotline you can just select a problem type, fill in the form and send the request. Besides, managers can send requests on behalf of their subordinates.

You may request the following operations through the Virtual Assistant:

  • Delete or add shops and visit plans;
  • Delete an SKU from the matrix or add one;
  • Delete or add a promotion or secondary placement and correct the dates.

2. Request routing depending on its category. Dividing requests into categories and subcategories allows us to forward your request to a corresponding technical administrator instantly.

3. Request logging. All the requests sent through the chatbot are logged thereby allowing us to save the request history and record the process of solving the problem.