01 2019

Photo Recognition (Classification)

New module. New features.

We make work easier for the supervisory staff.

We improve the quality of field employees' work and prevent their cheating.

In your company the employees always have to scan through tons of similar photos trying to find any inconsistencies or expose cheating attempts?

Did anybody take a photo of a shelf instead of a door?

Did anybody take a photo of the floor instead of a shelf?

Did anybody just take a photo of their iPad instead of taking the proper photo of a shelf?

You will be the first to know that!

Additional module "Image classifier" automatically recognises the class (type) of the photo and checks if this class of photos is allowed to use with the specific kind of reports or not. The module provides comprehensive analytics for an administrator on the web site and for a supervisor in the app as well.

Some analytics:

The following table contains the average indicators of strong companies that pay attention to quality control of their employees.

Photos per merchandiser a day: 83
Actual number of merchandisers in fields per day: 390
Total number of photos per day: 33543
Number of retaken photos found: 146
Number of photos which are inconsistent with the required class: 691