Import an Availability Matrix by Formats

The shop_network_format_skus mode allows to import attachments of products to network formats.

Fields of the JSON object that are necessary for creating a binding:

Name Type Description Example
matrix_type_id Integer Matrix type, by default is N1 (available on the shelf) 1
mtrx_id Integer Entry in matrix id
mtrx_plan_amount Integer (optional) Availability plan 10
mtrx_color_id Integer (optional) number from 1 to 5
network_id Integer Networ id
network_name String Network name Перекресток
network_format_id Integer Network format id
network_format_name String Network format name Better 25
category_id Integer (optional) Category id
category_name String (optional) Category name
sku_id Integer Product id
sku_code String Unique product code
sku_col1 String Product barcode
sku_col2 String Product code from the external base
sku_name String Product name
sku_name_starts_with String Product name starts with


  • If the structure allows to transfer both ID and name, it will be updated and the search by ID will be performed. Or the search by name will be performed and, if the record is not found, it will be created.
  • The Category field is optional. When it is empty, system searches in all categories.
  • It is enough to send any parameter from "sku_*" to search.

Request returns the JSON object with the following fields:

Name Type Description
mtrx_id Integer Entry in matrix id