Import Promotions

The promo_plans mode allows to import promotion plans.

Fields of the JSON object that are necessary to create a record for a planned promotion:

Name Type Description Example
pp_id Integer Existing promotion id
pp_name String Promotion name Auchan july Coca-cola yellow price list
pp_description String Description of the promotion, choose a specific promoaction to dsiplay 
pp_date_start Date* Start date, line in the DD.MM.YYY format
pp_date_end Date* End date, line in the DD.MM.YYY format
image_url String
report_promo_type_id Integer Existing promotion type id
report_promo_type_name String Name of type of promotion Yellow price list
network_id Integer Trade network id
network_name String Trade network name
network_format_id Integer Trade network format id
network_format_name String Trade network format name
shop_id Integer (optional) Shop id
shop_name String (optionalShop address
shop_col1 String (optional) Unique identifier of the shop
city_name String (optional) City names, separator is ", "
category_id Integer Existing category id
caregory_name String Category name, possible with subcategories, separator is ", " Soft drinks
sku_id Integer Existing SKU id
sku_name String SKU name Coca-Cola - 0.25L Glass
sku_code String (optional) SKU code, only latin letters and numbers
sku_col1 String (optional) SKU barcode 54490000
sku_col2 String (optional) Unique code from SAP or another client's system 428914
sku_col3 String (optional) any text for search and analytics
sku_col4 String (optionalany text for search and analytics


  • If the structure allows to transfer both ID and name, it will be updated and the search by ID will be performed. Or the search by name will be performed and, if the record is not found, it will be created.
  • If the shop is specified, the promotion will be attached to the shop.
  • If the network format is specified, the promotion will be attached to the format.
  • If neither the shop nor the format are specified, promotion will be attached to all network formats.
  • If the city_name is specified, the promotion will be attached only to the shops in this city.
  • New products, networks, formats, shops and cities will be ADDED as the new ones. Existing data will not be overwritten.

Request returns the JSON object with the following fields:

Name Type Description
pp_id Integer Planned promo action id