Employee Data Structure

All the employees are created in the system according to the template. You can find available types of employees in the following table:


merch_ Merchandiser or Sales Representative
sv_ Supervisor
asm_ ASM
um_ Territorial manager
kam_ KAM
aud_ Auditor

JSON structure fields:

Name Type Description Example
*_id Integer id of existing employee
*_login String employee login merch123
*_password String employee password
*_name String employee full name 
_logintpl String employee login template merch
*_phone String phone
*_email String Email


  • Search for an existing employee is performed by ID, login or name;
  • If the employee is not found, it is created either with the given login or the logintpl mask (When a new employee is created, the system checks the last existing login and creates a new one using the next number. For example, the last existing login is merch99, the system creates a merch100).