List of Stores

Recommended update frequency is once a day.

Direction: NW => EM, EM => NW.

Type: creating, editing, closing (with a mark).

Specific columns:

Column Required Description
approved X working or under approval
enabled X working or deleted
network X trade network; for retail, network value is “Retail” by default
network_format shop format (if applicable)
pricecol column for wholesale price (if applicable)
entity_name legal entity
payment_deferment deferral of payment, in days
plan_sales sales plan, amount per month

If a store appears in NW, it appears in EMenabled=1, approved=0 or 1.

If a store is closed in NW, the value in EM will be enabled=0.

If a store appears in EM, the value for it in EM will be approved=0 (for example, a sales representative finds a new store), so the store is copied to NW and a mark is added, for example "a new store, no contract".


     <address>Большой Факельный переулок д 1</address>
     <network_name>ООО “Магнолия”</network_name>
     <entity_name>ООО “Магнолия”</entity_name>


Volume and filtration:

It is enough to dowload from NW entries changed in the last two days or all entries (only once a day).

It is possible to download only the last changes from EM.